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Our services

Berkshire Vision is an independent local charity that aims to enable and support visually impaired people in Berkshire to live safely and independently and to enhance their quality of life.

Berkshire Vision has a comprehensive range of services.

Home visits

Our first contact with a visually impaired person can be through one of the hospital eye clinics, a referral from the local Sensory Needs team, a GP or support worker or simply by a phone call from the person themselves, a friend or a relative. Read more about our home visits

Children and family support

Our Children’s Department was established in 1999 when we realised there was a direct and specific need to support our younger members who are aged from birth to 19 years. We also support their immediate families, including parents and siblings and anyone affected by their sight loss. Read more about our children and family support

18 – 35 social group

The group was set up specifically to support young adults with their transition into adulthood. It is managed by staff with over 26 years’ experience in a range of disability issues. Read more about our 18 – 35 social group


The Activities Programme is designed to provide a selection of entertainment and leisure activities most of us take for granted. Many of our members are isolated as their disability restricts access to transport. Read more about our activities


The Society runs seven social clubs which meet monthly and provide a variety of entertainment and outings. Read more about our clubs

Sports clubs

The Get Active Sports Club was originally set up to improve the physical health, self-esteem, social interaction and general well-being of the visually impaired children we support. Read more about our sports clubs

Audio and braille

Each quarter we distribute over 600 large print and audio copies of our Insight magazine to blind and partially sighted people. We also provide a small number of copies in braille. Read more about our audio and braille services

My Guide

The Guide Dogs My Guide project matches a person who is blind or partially sighted with a trained volunteer. Read more about My Guide

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